Cooking Classes

The theme dinner with friends is the reason for the great popularity of our cooking classes. We use fresh ingredients and impart practical knowledge. So anyone can take something home from the layman to the professional chef.

We do not show - all participants must cooperate with us!

From 19 clock all participants make in preparing, cooking and wash with and subsequently eaten at the table setting. The end of an evening around 22:30-23:00 clock.

The availability of your desired appointment for groups of 10 to 20 persons up, please call +49 511 54300858. Then you can immediately book the available date and receive a confirmation from us.
Due to high demand appointment requests by mail can not be processed!

Beverage Package 19-23 clock 18,00 €.
Cooking classes for individuals, see "Dates"

Canapes from around the world, per person € 29.00
Make finger food for any occasion itself
with fish, meat and cheese Vegetarian ...

Tapas and antipasti 29,00 EUR
A colorful variety of fresh vegetables daily,
Salad and much more ...

Mediterranean menu 39,00 €
Spanish tapas selection
Stuffed chicken breast with sage sauce
Vegetable side dishes and rosemary potatoes
Tarte de Santiago, Spanish almond cake

French Duck menu 39,00 €
Fine ratatouille soup
Duck breast with honey sauce
Side dishes and vegetables au gratin
Chocolate mousse with fresh mint

Bavarian specialties, menu € 39.00
Warm potato salad with fresh mushrooms
Tender beef with fresh horseradish sauce
and homemade bread dumplings
Luke warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

Fine asparagus menu, 3 courses € 39.00
Fried Asparagus with Egg Salad
Clear asparagus soup with deposits
Fresh asparagus with salmon,
Hollandaise sauce and herb potatoes

Italian pasta, a dough - three sauces 39,00 EUR
Handmade Truffle Ravioli
Handmade Tagliatelle with tomato and vegetable
Handmade spaghetti with seafood in dill

Bella Italia, 3 course menu € 39,00
Toscanische chicken liver crostini
On the whole baked salmon with sea salt and
Tomato and Zucchini - Potato and vegetable
Pana cotta with caramelized vanilla apricots

Delicacies from 1001, dinner € 39.00
Red lentil soup with lemon and parsley
Arabic lamb stew with chickpeas, zucchini
mint and tomato couscous
Almond milk pudding with pomegranate

Breton Lobster hobby, menu € 69.00
including all drinks
Lobster claws on salad bouquet with mayonnaise
Stuffed lobster with fried vegetable rice
Flaming hearts with raspberries and oranges

Japanese sushi preparation 39,00 EUR
Miso Soup
Nigiri sushi,
California rolls
Maki Sushi

Jewish buffet, various specialties 39,00 EUR
Latkes - potato pancakes
Cola chicken with side dishes
Sufganiot - filled donut

Old German kitchen, menu 39,00 €
Greetsieler crab soup with bacon
Savoy cabbage rolls with moorland sheep, sky and
Earth (apple and potato) with onions and bacon
Classic Welfenspeise with roasted almonds

Bachelorette farewell cooking class 29,00 €
All participants / inside prepare a fresh buffet selection
and the bride has to create classic dishes.
There is then the great review to the conclusion!

Christmas dinner € 39,00
Provencal soup,
Baked duck breast with honey
fresh red cabbage with apple
Thuringian raw potato dumplings
Two mousse with fresh fruit


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