Prices and Times

The kitchen museum is like a good concert:
* Punctual start
* Friendly ticket price
* 90 minutes and entertainment
* The snacks are included!

Please reserve your preferred dates by phone! Due to high demand, a reservation is required in every case.
Our office hours Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 18:00 clock:
Phone: 0511-543 00 858

Gift Vouchers example worth 15 euros for a guided tour including coffee and cakes are available in the Museum Shop. (DI SA 10-18 clock)

Visit including guided tour per person € 8,90
Please inform yourself about your phone package price or directly under "combination rates".
Your cash advance from 5 persons we expect two weeks before your appointment!
We do not accept cash or credit cards.

Visit including guided tour € 4.20 per child (under 14 years)
Private tour, a group of up to 20 people. 180,00 EUR
Coffee & cake St. 2 (Before / After) 5.80 €

The kitchen museum is open Tue-Sat 11-19 clock.
Lead time 90 minutes.
11 clock: first leadership
13 Clock: Second management
15 Clock: Third guide
17 Clock: Last tour
The seats in a guide are limited to 25 people.
For groups from 30 people we reserve the right to further
To put leadership.

Including children's birthday baking 9,50 €
from 10 participants and one adult, 15-17 clock.

Kids cooking class from 10 people, 11-13 clock, p.Pers.12, 50 €
Please book your appointment early.

School classes including cooking guide 9-11 Clock Rate
after registration and consultation with cooking themes.
School classes in cooking class per child € 3.50 (under 14 years)
School classes in cooking class per person. 7.50 € (from 15.J.)
Kita-guided tours: "Search the mouse in the kitchen museum"

Bachelor party in the Kitchen Museum
from 10 people. with survival cooking tips p. People. 29,00 €

As "heads" is a champagne / 10 pers.
Champagne Tasting & guide per person. 19 EUR

The traditional Lütje Lage- leadership from 12 people.
Leadership & 6 x Lütje lage per person. 12,50 €

Adult cooking classes from 19 clock
12 to 24 people, booking at +49 511 54300858

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More information at +49 511 54300858
Arrival date and location plan:

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World Of Kitchen
& Schloss-Café
& Schul-Küche

30161 Hannover
Spichernstrasse 22


U-Bahn: Linie 1+2 Werderstr.
U-Bahn: Lie 3+7+9 Sedanstr. 
Bus: Linie 128 Kriegerstr.
15 Min Fußweg vom HBF Hann.


Bevor Sie eine Küche oder einen Haushalt auflösen, verkleinern oder an einen anderen Ort verlegen, setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung. Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen (alten) Exponaten für das WORLD OF KITCHEN Küchen-Museum.

Das erwartet Sie:

Probierhäppchen und Mitmach-Aktionen
Kochbuch-Bibliothek mit bis zu 150 Jahre alten Kochbüchern
Event-Gastronomie für Familien- und Betriebs-Feste
Kochschule und Ernährungs-Seminare


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