Castle cafe

Welcome to the Castle Café, the self-serice restaurant
of the kitchen-museum. TUE-SAT 9 to 19 clock for day visitors and visitors,
from 19 clock for personal / private evening events.

Guests enjoy sandwiches with classic brewed coffee,
a small or a big breakfast in the ambience of a stately
Castle kitchen.


From 10 Clock, the versatile breakfast buffet with over
70 treats. Appetizers, anti pasti, salads, fish, ham,
Cheese, dessert and cakes including coffee and tea, as well as optional
a glass of sparkling wine or a glass of orange juice 0.1 liters
€ 12.50 per person

Combine your visit to the museum with a fairly containing
Lunch buffet: hot soup, three hot meals with meat,
Pasta and vegetarian casserole variation,
€ 15.50 per person


Enjoy a visit to a museum in the castle cafe
tired of rich cake buffet with coffee, € 5.80 per person

On special order, you will receive the finest pastry cakes for your tea party:
Chocolat Cocos (12Stücke) € 29.50
Sunken Apple Cake (12Stücke) € 29.50
Frankfurter Kranz (12Stücke) € 29.50
Covered Pear Cake (12Stücke) € 29.50
Prosecco Almond Cake (12Stücke) € 29.50
Marzipan cake (12Stücke) € 29.50

Melitta coffee pot 6 cups € 10.00

After the last tour, we offer for your group of 10 people
a rich dinner buffet at. Reserve your desired
Date and choose among all possible
from 19,90 € per person.

The classic for 19.90 euro:
Colorful Vegetable Soup
Chicken and rice with mixed vegetables
Stuffed tortellini in mushroom cream
Colorful vegetarian vegetable casserole

Bella Italia for € 25,90:
Ital. Minestrone vegetable soup
Stuffed chicken breast in sage sauce
Farvalle Pasta with ham in tomato sauce
Vegetarian baked potato casserole with mozzarella

Vive la France for 27,90 €:
Potato Leek Soup
Coq au Vin, chicken in white wine sauce
Fettuccine with shrimp in dill sauce
Colorful ratatouille vegetable stir-fry

Christmas Special for 29.90:
Duck Breast with Provencal-Honey-rosemary sauce and
fresh apple and red cabbage, Hazelnut Spaetzle

Beverages are charged on consumption.
Beverages as a package of 19-23 clock 18,00 € per person
pp each additional hour with a surcharge of 4.00 €

The castle kitchen as a place for your individual event, birthdays, Christmas parties, office parties, anniversaries, engagements, (Silver-/Gold-) weddings, and for all other occasions. Times by appointment.

Phone: *49 511 54300858

Specials & Termine


World Of Kitchen
& Schloss-Café
& Schul-Küche

30161 Hannover
Spichernstrasse 22


U-Bahn: Linie 1+2 Werderstr.
U-Bahn: Lie 3+7+9 Sedanstr. 
Bus: Linie 128 Kriegerstr.
15 Min Fußweg vom HBF Hann.


Bevor Sie eine Küche oder einen Haushalt auflösen, verkleinern oder an einen anderen Ort verlegen, setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung. Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen (alten) Exponaten für das WORLD OF KITCHEN Küchen-Museum.

Das erwartet Sie:

Probierhäppchen und Mitmach-Aktionen
Kochbuch-Bibliothek mit bis zu 150 Jahre alten Kochbüchern
Event-Gastronomie für Familien- und Betriebs-Feste
Kochschule und Ernährungs-Seminare


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